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The AIRE Group was born 15 years ago in Seville. It was the result of the dream of a group of investors and friends who decided to recuperate the ancient Greek and Roman bath tradition and revive this concept in restored historic buildings.

AIRE creates spaces and experiences to relax the body and mind according to ancient traditions of water with temperature contrasts as elements of relaxation and health.

Aire de Sevilla entrance :: © Baños Arabes y Spa Aire de Almería Aire de Seville was the first center and it was opened on the street called “AIR”, which gave the name to the whole business group. It is situated in an old mansion from the sixteenth century that a wealthy “Indiano”- the name for the men who made wealth in the Indies- built on the foundations of a Roman ruin from the first century AD (now where Flotarium is located) The building was completely rehabilitated to house the baths.

Aire de Barcelona entrance :: © Baños Arabes y Spa Aire de Almería After Seville, in 2008 Aire de Barcelona was inaugurated. This time the Baths were located in a former meat storage area of El Born Market where century old wells that had supplied the city with water were found. Under the brick vaults the Baths were situated in a careful process of the building restoration.

The third AIRE arrived in Almería in 2011, this time in the Old Town Square in the center of the city. The bath has its own boutique hotel.

The last center is in New York, a textile factory in TriBeCa, Manhattan. This building built in 1883 opened its doors in 2012 to Aire Ancient Baths New York.

Each AIRE is unique, located in an old building full of history and personality, but all of them share the quest to create a space for relaxation, full of calm and serenity in an experience for the senses.

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